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The Way (Part 14): The Sacraments of Soil & Self
July 23, 2017 David Armstrong

David Armstrong asks us to consider two stories in our age that attempt to shape and define us - the stories of Globalisation and Nationalism, the stories of the Global Self and the Native Self - the sacraments of self and soil. Christ offers an alternative third way, a costly surrender to his Lordship where - in place of the weariness and exhaustion of our age - we find his burden is light and the yoke is easy. Instead of having our name written on branded cups yet remaining anonymous, the Way of Jesus sees us given a name and being fully know. And instead of sitting at the table of empire and exclusion we are invited to His Table of communion, love and acceptance. Thankful to learn and share some of these ideas from a really helpful book called 'Strange Days' by Mark Sayers. If the disorientation and uncertainly of this cultural moment is confusing to you, definitely consider picking up this book.

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